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Automotive Through years of experience working with an extensive customer base in the automotive industry we have created a unique standard of service at Apollomax. We recognise that high quality professional cleaning and maintenance products, delivered at the right price, on time, are crucial to the success of your business as well as ours. To that end we have compiled a product portfolio second to none.

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Brake Cleaner Brake Cleaner ApolloMax provide market leading products in the area of Brake and Clutch cleaning. Our solvent degreaser and brake cleaner provides a duel purpose solvent designed to remove of surface dust, grease and oil from brake pads, drums, clutch plates and metal
Carburetor Cleaner Carburetor Cleaner ApolloMax carburettor cleaner helps Free up butterflies promotes free running. Will help improve fuel economy. Use regularly dissolves hard gms and resins that accumulate in carburettor bodies. May also be used to clean the exterior of the carburettor link
Carpet Upholstery Care Carpet Upholstery Care Due to the wide range of applications for this product we suggest before selecting a product you discuss your requirement with Gus!!
Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Due to wide choice of vacuum cleaners in the market today we suggest you discuss your requirements with "our advisor Gus" To ensure you get the right machine for the job. just click on "Ask Gus" below, give a brief description of your requirements, and we will recommend a machine for you.
Cold Start Cold Start ApolloMax offer a petrol engine starting spray. If you?re not entirely sure of what you need why not ask our expert GUS!!
Dashboard Dashboard ApolloMax provide a wide range of products to enhance the look of your vehicle. For that finishing touch why not try our pleasantly perfumed spray dashboard renovator suitable for dressing all interior plastic and rubber components.
Degreaser Degreaser ApolloMax provide a wide range of Degreasing products, both in powder and liquid form tailored to your needs. As an independent supplier we feel that our comprehensive catalogue enable us to provide you with the widest choice in product and cost.
Disc Cleaner Disc Cleaner ApolloMax provide market leading products in the area of Brake and Clutch cleaning. Our solvent degreaser and brake cleaner provides a duel purpose solvent designed to remove surface dust, grease and oil from brake pads, drums, and clutch plates.
Electrical Cleaner Electrical Cleaner Due to the various applications for this product we suggest you discuss your individual needs with Gus before purchasing a product.
Exterior Exterior For one of the widest ranges of vechicle exterior cleaning products check out ApolloMax first. No luck contact Gus to see if he can help!!
Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Chemicals PHS Fireshield is a comprehensive range of flame retardant chemicals that can be sprayed, immersed or padded on during or after the manufacture of a material. The chemicals are safe to be used in conjunction with other chemical applications e.g. fluoro-carbon (soil repellent). British Safety Standards Achieved and also German and French equivalents. ? BS 5852 Furniture Domestic ? BS5852 Furniture Contract ? BS 476 Class 1 Wall Coverings ? BS 4790 Hot Nut Test Carpets ? BS 5867 Hanging Drapes
Glass Cleaner Glass Cleaner ApolloMax offer a range of glass cleaning products for all types of aplications.
Industrial degreaser Industrial degreaser ApolloMax industrial degreaser comes in bulk or spray cans. You can safely use these products to removes oil and grease, even from garage floors with ease. Especially effective as a light oil emulsifier, in garages, engineering. Also suitable for use through pressure washers.
Lubricant Lubricant ApolloMax have a comperhensive range of lubricants for all your industrial needs. Our products are used in major off-shore sites as well as many manafacturing and garage units nationally and locally.
Metal Cleaner Metal Cleaner Due to the varity of metals and cleaning situations which are available we suggest you contact Gus to discuss the best product for you.
Moisture Guard Moisture Guard ApolloMax Moisture guard can be used on all types of metal components where de-watering and protection againest oxidation and rusting is required. It is widely used in plastic injection moulding industry to protect the die surface during shutdown.
Multi Purpose Cleaner Multi Purpose Cleaner ApolloMax offer a wide range of multi-purpose cleaner which can be used in any facility where an environmentally preferred product is desired for floors, walls, counter tops, cabinets, painted surfaces and most other hard surfaces.
Paint Paint ApolloMax have a wide range of spray paint products for the Automotive and commercial market. Should you require paint for line marking or touching up your wheels why not check out our range.
Paper Paper ApolloMax offer a wide range of paper products. from toilet roll to industrial wipes ApolloMax have the product for you.
Penetrating Oil Penetrating Oil ApolloMax penetrating oil provides has wide range uses. # Lubricates Moving Parts # Frees Stuck Parts # Protects Against Rust and Corrosion # Displaces Moisture # Removes Grime and Rust # Film is Non-Conductive # Harmless to Most Plastics
Pressure Washer Pressure Washer Apollomax have a comperhensive range of pressure washers to suit all your needs. From 8 to 400 litre per min, from 4 to 1000 bar (60-14000 psi). We have highlighted our top ten selection to cover the most common uses as we know them. Should you require more information why not contact Gus!
Reach & Wash Systems Reach & Wash Systems Ionic Reach & Wash Systems offer the widest range of systems available on the market today. All systems have been crashed tested at Thatcham for your safety and peace of mind. We provide the lightest weight waterfed poles backed by an independent report from HSL
Scrubber Dryer Scrubber Dryer ApolloMax offer a full range of floor care equipment, from hand held mini scrubbers, to Municipal sweepers. Wether you require it to run on mains electric 110v 240v 415v, battery powered, petrol or diesel engines and the latest duel fuel L.P.G machines.
Steel Cleaner Steel Cleaner ApolloMax offer a number of steel cleaners and polishs designed to remove tarnishes, rust and stains leaving a high shine professional finish
Tar Remover Tar Remover ApolloMax tar and glue remover is a powerful solvent that rapidly removes residues of most types of adhesives and sealants used in the motor industry. formulated to have minimum effect on paint work and upholstery materials.
Tyre Cleaner Tyre Cleaner Tyres are subject to the worst of our driving environments. Incredible heat from friction and road contact, scuffing, bruising and lacerations take their toll. In winter our tyres go from sub-zero temperatures to balmy 80+ degrees in a matter of minutes.
Wheel Cleaner Wheel Cleaner ApolloMax offer a range of wheel cleaners for steel or alloy wheels designed to cut through stubborn dirt and grease removing deposits accumulated over time to clean and polish leaving the wheel looking as good as new
Windscreen de-icer Windscreen de-icer ApolloMax de-icer is one of the best on the market; it quickly clears your windscreen allowing you to get on with your day. If you?re not entirely sure of what you need why not ask our expert GUS!!
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