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Catering Apollomax have a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the growing needs of the food industry. Our unique hygiene control programme, enables you to adhere to the increasing stringent regulations of food hygiene legislation. Built on total customer satisfaction Apollomax will provide you with professional training and service that is second to none in the marketplace.

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Beer Line Cleaner Beer Line Cleaner Beer line and pipeline cleaner. Cleans and sweetens beer pumps and pipelines by simple soaking. Suitable for both pressurised dispensing equipment and traditional hand pumps. Completely odourless and taint free.
De-tanning De-tanning Sick of the sight of tea stains in your cups and pots. ApolloMax have the answer with our de-tanning products easy and safe to use for all your tanning problems.
Degreaser Degreaser ApolloMax provide a wide range of Degreasing products, both in powder and liquid form tailored to your needs. As an independent supplier we feel that our comprehensive catalogue enable us to provide you with the widest choice in product and cost.
Dishwasher Dishwasher ApolloMax offfer a wide choice of dishwashing products. Either in powder or liquid form, from 5lt to 25lt containers, to suit all price ranges.
Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Chemicals PHS Fireshield is a comprehensive range of flame retardant chemicals that can be sprayed, immersed or padded on during or after the manufacture of a material. The chemicals are safe to be used in conjunction with other chemical applications e.g. fluoro-carbon (soil repellent). British Safety Standards Achieved and also German and French equivalents. ? BS 5852 Furniture Domestic ? BS5852 Furniture Contract ? BS 476 Class 1 Wall Coverings ? BS 4790 Hot Nut Test Carpets ? BS 5867 Hanging Drapes
Hand Cleaner Hand Cleaner Apollomax offer a wide range of Hand cleaners covering every requirement. From perfumed hand soaps to beaded hand cleaners for industry.
Hard Surface Cleaner Hard Surface Cleaner Through our investment in innovation and expertise Apollomax have a unrivalled range of high performance hard surface cleaning maintenance. Designed to provide the best finish to a wide range of surfaces.
Kitchen Cleaner Kitchen Cleaner Apollomax have a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the growing needs of the food industry. Our unique hygiene control programme, enables you to adhere to the increasing stringent regulations of food hygiene legislation.
Laundry Detergent Laundry Detergent ApolloMax offer wide range of laundry products for domestic and industrial use.
Lubricant Lubricant ApolloMax have a comperhensive range of lubricants for all your industrial needs. Our products are used in major off-shore sites as well as many manafacturing and garage units nationally and locally.
Multi Purpose Cleaner Multi Purpose Cleaner ApolloMax offer a wide range of multi-purpose cleaner which can be used in any facility where an environmentally preferred product is desired for floors, walls, counter tops, cabinets, painted surfaces and most other hard surfaces.
Odour Control Odour Control ApolloMax offer a number of agents and odour neutraliser developed specifically for use in hotels, restaurants, leisure, institutional, commercial and industrial environments, providing a powerful combination of: Fast-acting neutraliser for immediate odour control.
Oven Cleaner Oven Cleaner ApolloMax have a wide range of industrial and domestic oven cleaners to clean all types of cookers, from large industrial baking ovens to small domestic ones. If you can not see one to suit your needs why not ask Gus!!
Paper Paper ApolloMax offer a wide range of paper products. from toilet roll to industrial wipes ApolloMax have the product for you.
Probe Wipe Probe Wipe ApolloMax superior quality sanitising wipe products are impregnated with a high quality specification bactericide to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from pathogenic or harmful bacteria.
Rinse Aid Rinse Aid ApolloMax rinse aid helps in the drying of the products in the Dish Washer. leaving your Product clean and shining.
No Image Sanitiser "Food grade sanitisers. Emulsifies animal vegetables oils and fats-leaving all plant clean and fat free. Penetrates and disperses shortenings, syrups and food deposits- leaves floors and working surfaces hygienically clean. Efficiency proved by independent testing COSHH information available on request.
Washing Up Liquid Washing Up Liquid Apollomax provide a wide range of washing up liquids for domestic and industrial use. If your not sure of what you require why not ask Gus!!
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