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Household Through our investment in innovation and expertise Apollomax have a unrivalled range of high performance cleaning maintenance and hygiene products. Value is achieved by keen pricing, selling direct and on demand to our customers. However the key to our success is in our ability to assess the customers needs correctly and provide the right solution, at the right price.

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Air Freshener Air Freshener ApolloMax's range of air fresheners cover a wide range of applications, from the simple aerosol to the dosing system fitted to the wall. Why not ask Gus to see which one will suit you best.
Bucket Bucket For any type of bucket why not contact Gus for help in finding it for you.
Carpet Upholstery Care Carpet Upholstery Care Due to the wide range of applications for this product we suggest before selecting a product you discuss your requirement with Gus!!
Dustbin Dustbin For all types of bins or containers why not contact Gus!!
Duster Duster ApolloMax offer a wide range of dusters and cloths for janitorial and houshold cleaning.
Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Chemicals PHS Fireshield is a comprehensive range of flame retardant chemicals that can be sprayed, immersed or padded on during or after the manufacture of a material. The chemicals are safe to be used in conjunction with other chemical applications e.g. fluoro-carbon (soil repellent). British Safety Standards Achieved and also German and French equivalents. ? BS 5852 Furniture Domestic ? BS5852 Furniture Contract ? BS 476 Class 1 Wall Coverings ? BS 4790 Hot Nut Test Carpets ? BS 5867 Hanging Drapes
Floor Care Floor Care ApolloMax offer a wide range of floor care products, from strippers to general maintainers and polishes for all surfaces. Should you require further assistance ask Gus!
Furniture Polish Furniture Polish "Apollomax furniture polish contains polymers to give a high gloss and offers protection to wood, glass mirrors, plastics and ceramics."
Glass Cleaner Glass Cleaner ApolloMax offer a range of glass cleaning products for all types of aplications.
Graffiti Remover Graffiti Remover ApolloMax offer a range of Graffiti removers to tackle all types of surfaces, brick paintwork, and metal. Why not ask Gus for advice on the best product for your problem!!
Hand Cleaner Hand Cleaner Apollomax offer a wide range of Hand cleaners covering every requirement. From perfumed hand soaps to beaded hand cleaners for industry.
Insect Killer Insect Killer ApolloMax insect killer is one of the most effective product on the market today. Kills most crawling or flying insect on contact.
Laundry Detergent Laundry Detergent ApolloMax offer wide range of laundry products for domestic and industrial use.
Metal Cleaner Metal Cleaner Due to the varity of metals and cleaning situations which are available we suggest you contact Gus to discuss the best product for you.
Multi Purpose Cleaner Multi Purpose Cleaner ApolloMax offer a wide range of multi-purpose cleaner which can be used in any facility where an environmentally preferred product is desired for floors, walls, counter tops, cabinets, painted surfaces and most other hard surfaces.
Odour Control Odour Control ApolloMax offer a number of agents and odour neutraliser developed specifically for use in hotels, restaurants, leisure, institutional, commercial and industrial environments, providing a powerful combination of: Fast-acting neutraliser for immediate odour control.
Paper Paper ApolloMax offer a wide range of paper products. from toilet roll to industrial wipes ApolloMax have the product for you.
Pet Disinfectant Pet Disinfectant ApolloMax Kennel disinfectent is a total biocide which is able to break surface tension therefore ensuring penetration and intimate contact with disease causing organisms. The chemical properties include a disinfectant/detergent reactivity allowing the premises to remain disease free while it is not in use.
Reach & Wash Systems Reach & Wash Systems Ionic Reach & Wash Systems offer the widest range of systems available on the market today. All systems have been crashed tested at Thatcham for your safety and peace of mind. We provide the lightest weight waterfed poles backed by an independent report from HSL
Steel Cleaner Steel Cleaner ApolloMax offer a number of steel cleaners and polishs designed to remove tarnishes, rust and stains leaving a high shine professional finish
Tar Remover Tar Remover ApolloMax tar and glue remover is a powerful solvent that rapidly removes residues of most types of adhesives and sealants used in the motor industry. formulated to have minimum effect on paint work and upholstery materials.
Toilet Toilet ApolloMax offer a range of chemical products to to clean sterilise, remove deposits and refresh these germ frendly areas.
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